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Teaching English as a second language?
Are you looking for interesting material and resources to help you teach English as a second language?
Well, you've arrived at the right place.
We are a FREE online video resource center for teaching & learning the English language. We have an ever expanding catalogue of hundreds of online English video lessons from English for beginners, to English for intermediate speakers through to English for advanced speakers.
You have unrestricted access to hundreds of resources to utilize and improve your teaching skills.
Easy to navigate site which means you can get TO any lesson FROM any lesson!

Even a young child can use our website. Hundreds of English language resources, videos, plus a vast collection of printable material.
Improve your English Teaching ability & help your students:
further their understanding of grammar
quickly distinguish between past, present and future tenses
increase English vocabulary to thousand of words and phrases
improve listening skills
advance students speaking ability
accelerate students reading speed
All videos are accompanied with a variety of native speaker audio, to further help fine tune listening and comprehension skills.
Tired of boring text books?
Let's face it, very FEW PEOPLE like studying from a text book at the best of times. Thankfully those days are numbered as e-learning takes over. The convenience, cost and benefit to the environment demands that e-learning is the way of the future.
Textbooks are lifeless. You can only read them. Videos are full of life. Watch, listen and practice. Your English WILL IMPROVE
Try video. It's interesting, engaging and most of all, stimulates 'watching as you learn', not only how to speak English but also learning something culturally new.
24hourEnglish.com includes:
lesson plans
help and advice
ability tests
over 750 flash cards with native speaker audio
achievement certificates
videos for beginners through to advanced speakers
turn off the audio and use our material to learn and teach in any language
new content continually added
Do you want to save trees and help the environment?
Then e-learning is for you.
e-learning with 24hourEnglish.com is good for the environment. Using printout material only when necessary saves waste and saves trees.
Our easy to use menu system can be operated by a child and material can be accessed 24 hours a day at a time and place convenient to yourself.
Convenience with 24hourEnglish.com
Unlike classes where you must attend at a certain time and place, our video lessons can be easily accessed where and when YOU want. Any time of the day or night.
Ideal for Home Schooling
Not only does our website contain a vast amount of material for teaching English, we also have achievement certificates which can be printed out and awarded to students who pass certain levels of proficiency.
Be sure to check out our huge Mathematics section.
Listening to native speaker accents
Learning English doesn't have to be boring and rigid. With 24HourEnglish.com students can progress at their own pace, at the time of their choosing in the comfort and security of their own home or office.
Like to speak personally with a native speaker and test your conversational ability?
Contact us through the 'contact us' page on our website and we'll schedule you in a Skype lesson.
Immerse yourself in English.
Teach your children English in the comfort and security of your own home. Give them a headstart in life.
English resource center for ALL PURPOSES. Whether you are learning to speak or teach English, we have the materials to HELP YOU.
Drive your English further. Join our community at 24HourEnglish.com
Should you have any questions, please use the contact us form.
Thanks for your time and we'll do everything we can to help you improve your English teaching ability.


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